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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwithdrawnwith‧drawn /wɪðˈdrɔːn, wɪθ- $ -ˈdrɒːn/ adjective  SHYvery shy and quiet, and concerned only about your own thoughts After his wife’s death he became more and more withdrawn.see thesaurus at shy
Examples from the Corpus
withdrawnI had become withdrawn and at times very depressed which, of course, had repercussions on my family.Ian says from then on Robert has been a changed man - withdrawn and completely unapproachable.After it he'd become withdrawn and moody, his formerly friendly nature turning acerbic and harsh.After her husband died Priscilla became very withdrawn and seldom left her home.Staff were made redundant, the Secretary's stipend withdrawn and the Bond interest was first unpaid, then waived.Active children tended to have been active, difficult babies, and passive children withdrawn babies, low in persistence.He'd always been an unhappy, withdrawn little boy.Against the odds John succeeded in drawing her out of a withdrawn reaction.Sylvie was no longer the withdrawn, slightly pitiable figure she had last seen in New York.Mike was silent and withdrawn that evening.Susan was beautiful in a grave, withdrawn way; but Breeze wasn't beautiful at all.became ... withdrawnHer husband, too, became more withdrawn.When her husband died she became withdrawn.He became very withdrawn and died there not long after wards.He became withdrawn, chatting only to Moodie.
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