Language: Old English
Origin: withinnan


preposition, adverb
with‧in S2 W1
a) before a certain period of time has passed:
We should have the test results back within 24 hours.
He fell sick and died within a matter of weeks.
Within an hour of our arrival Caroline was starting to complain.
b) during a certain period of time:
the enormous success of televised sport within the last twenty years
Within the space of a year, three of the town's factories have closed down.
2 less than a certain distance from a particular place:
The invading troops came within 50 miles of Paris.
Within a five mile radius of Ollerton there are several pubs and restaurants.
We live within easy reach of (=close to) the shops.
Adjust the driver's seat so that all the controls are within reach (=close enough to touch).
within sight/earshot (of something) (=close enough to see or hear)
As she came within sight of the house, she saw two men getting out of a car.
3 inside a particular building or area [≠ outside]:
Prisoners who died were buried within the walls of the prison.
public footpaths within the national park
The rooms within were richly furnished.
apply/enquire within (=used on notices on the outside of buildings)
Baby rabbits for sale. Enquire within.
4 inside a society, organization, or group of people [≠ outside]:
There have been a lot of changes within the department since I joined.
an attempt to reform the system from within
5 if something stays within a particular limit or set of rules, it does not go beyond that limit:
We have to operate within a very tight budget.
Security firms have to work strictly within the law.
You can go anywhere you want within reason (=within reasonable limits).
6 literary or formal inside a person's body or mind [≠ outside]:
Elaine felt a pain deep within her.
I'm feeling more relaxed within myself.

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