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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwithinwith‧in /wɪðˈɪn $ wɪðˈɪn, wɪθˈɪn/ ●●● S1 W1 preposition, adverb  1 a) AFTERbefore a certain period of time has passed We should have the test results back within 24 hours. He fell sick and died within a matter of weeks. Within an hour of our arrival Caroline was starting to complain. b) DURINGduring a certain period of time the enormous success of televised sport within the last twenty years Within the space of a year, three of the town’s factories have closed down.see thesaurus at after, during2 less than a certain distance from a particular place The invading troops came within 50 miles of Paris. Within a five mile radius of Ollerton there are several pubs and restaurants. We live within easy reach of (=close to) the shops. Adjust the driver’s seat so that all the controls are within reach (=close enough to touch).within sight/earshot (of something) (=close enough to see or hear) As she came within sight of the house, she saw two men getting out of a car.3 IN/INSIDEinside a particular building or area opp outside Prisoners who died were buried within the walls of the prison. public footpaths within the national park The rooms within were richly furnished.apply/enquire within (=used on notices on the outside of buildings) Baby rabbits for sale. Enquire within.4 IN/INSIDEinside a society, organization, or group of people opp outside There have been a lot of changes within the department since I joined. an attempt to reform the system from within5 DEPEND/IT DEPENDSif something stays within a particular limit or set of rules, it does not go beyond that limit We have to operate within a very tight budget. Security firms have to work strictly within the law. You can go anywhere you want within reason (=within reasonable limits).6 literary or formal inside a person’s body or mind opp outside Elaine felt a pain deep within her. I’m feeling more relaxed within myself.
Examples from the Corpus
withinIf we do not hear from you within 14 days, we will contact our solicitors.Her car has been broken into three times within a month.Within a short space of time, Gerry had managed to offend everyone in the group.The top prize is a trip to Hawaii, which must be taken within a year of the prize drawing.The fire alarm went off and within minutes the building had been cleared.The machine is not being operated within safety guidelines.Within six years of joining the company he was Managing Director.The landowners have always regarded themselves as an elite group within society.There have been a lot of changes within the department since I joined.Violence within the family is often alcohol-related.There have been five serious accidents within the last few days.Hunting is not permitted within the park.Different factions within the party are fighting for overall control.Children must remain within the school grounds during the lunch break.Within the terms of the agreement, Delta will buy 50 new aircraft.If the ball lands within the white lines it counts as a fair serve.He was bitten by a snake. Within three hours he was dead.Pupils living within two miles of the school are expected to pay their own bus fares.They are supposed to finish the bridge within two years.within easy reach ofBut the gannets of Bempton Cliffs are within easy reach of all.All are within easy reach of Gubbio which is among the best restored medieval towns in Umbria.Also within easy reach of many places of interest, including the new International Convention Centre.All properties are within easy reach of many shops, churches & olde worlde pubs.All the main tourist attractions are within easy reach of the hotel.The latter were concentrated quite markedly in Stratford and Forest Gate within easy reach of the main railway line into the city.The science-room windows were within easy reach of the school keeper's shammy.apply/enquire withinNo surcharges will be applied within 30 days of your departure.You have to apply within 60 days of termination.The restriction applies within a 100-foot radius around any clinic entrance.The t treatments are applied within each block by random allocation to the experimental units.At least seven countries believe that the margin scheme is the only system that can be applied within one member state.The same principle can also be applied within one specialization, e.g. typography.This could lead to different planning approaches being applied within the same area.from withinCosmos refers to the kind of order which is grown and which results from an equilibrium set up from within.Does it conjure up some primal urge from within?She seemed to light up from within.Threats to its authority do not come from outside, but from within human beings.There is little scope for such matters to be controlled from within neighbourhoods by the people living within them.Is there a replacement service for equipment, or can one hire similar equipment from within one's area?Evenings begin at 8: 30 p.m.; expect entertainment and singing from within the audience.These can be drawn out from within the history of a caring relationship particularly where there is a principal carer taking responsibility.within reasonBy all means go and practise within reason.In fact, it's quite useful to expose him to people from outside the Unit, within reason.The management often let their regulars stay on credit, within reason.Clearly a public service campaign must, within reason, aim for virtually complete coverage.Where you take them should, within reason, be left entirely to them.So it follows that the more startling or bizarre your murder is, within reason, the better.It is well within reason to expect help in this regard in exchange for further financial assistance.They are also willing, within reason, to pay towards this schooling.
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