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within earshot

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwithin earshotwithin earshotNEARnear enough to hear what someone is saying Everyone within earshot soon knew her opinion of Reggie. earshot
Examples from the Corpus
within earshotShe must be within earshot, but she was keeping quiet.Key field support teams were said to be overtly impugning the reputations of colleagues within earshot of customers.Even a horrific rape committed within earshot of a big family get-together was ignored.They did not draw too close, but hovered within earshot of all that was said.Two of the shop assistants were complaining loudly within earshot of the customers.To any neighbors within earshot, I apologize.Visitors should be informed of this important factor - be careful of what is said within earshot of the person.You can play anywhere on the beach as long as you stay within earshot.The wives were normally at home and therefore within earshot when assistance was needed.Fast fighter jets -- many traveling within earshot of the sound barrier -- will headline the shows.The police would not question the victims while the press was within earshot.
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