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within/in sight of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwithin/in sight of somethingwithin/in sight of somethinga) SEEin the area where you can see something We camped within sight of the lake. At last they came in sight of the city. b) PROBABLYin a position where you will soon be able to get something or achieve something Dan was now within sight of the championship. sight
Examples from the Corpus
within/in sight of somethingThey probably thought they'd chosen a good place because it was near the bar and in sight of the dance floor.After the terror of the past twenty-four hours he was safe for the moment and in sight of victory.The faster craft should be within sight of the finish at Douglas by mid morning Saturday.As he came within sight of his office, he was startled to see a small group waiting at the door.The refugees' boat was stopped by the Coast Guard within sight of land.There they put it on a platform on a hill within sight of the post.That manse, in sight of the sea, was also raided at seven o'clock on Wednesday 27 February.As in two Orlando locations, the new stores often opened within sight of a mall with a B.. Dalton.Just when he was within sight of his goal, the funding for Dr. Wilson's research was cut.I had to keep the wingtip in sight of the ground to avoid getting disorientated.
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