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without prejudice (to something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwithout prejudice (to something)without prejudice (to something)lawSCL without harming or affecting something He was able to turn down the promotion without prejudice, and applied again several years later. prejudice
Examples from the Corpus
without prejudice (to something)We had no preconception of the results and analysed our data without prejudice.This enables a student to optimise the opportunities presented to him without prejudice to his progression through the examination system.If you mark the letter without prejudice then taxation will be on the basis of what you put in the bill.And when Sam was old enough to leave home maybe she could lead a life of her own without prejudice.So as much as the reviewers' preferences shine through, I still feel that they review without prejudice.We can blend the two, without prejudice, to provide the stepping-stone for a more complete psychology.
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