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without (saying) a word

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwithout (saying) a wordwithout (saying) a wordif you do something without a word, you do not say anything while you do it He left without a word. word
Examples from the Corpus
without (saying) a wordThen she turned and without a word left him and the house, too.Jed began to know where Creed wanted to go without a word being uttered.He throws himself without a word on to the blanket beside him.Now this woman of endless stories, a teacher, lies without words, waiting to die.Sitting down opposite without a word he picked up the glass and emptied the contents down his throat.The place is empty but for the bar and three or four slightly-built lads shooting pool without words.Still without a word Pearl brought Ezra to the tiny kitchen.She turned without a word and walked back to where her friends lay like casualties.
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