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without wanting/wishing to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwithout wanting/wishing to do somethingwithout wanting/wishing to do somethingEMPHASIZEused before a criticism, complaint, or other statement to make it less strong Without wanting to sound too boastful, I think we have the best television programmes in the world. without
Examples from the Corpus
without wanting/wishing to do somethingShe sank deep down again, unable to stay alert, and saw without wanting to a giant Catherine-wheel in the sky.The expectation from government industrial ReD is one of reducing dependency on imports without wanting to achieve self-sufficiency.Without wishing to be demeaning, computer literacy and competence is not particularly high on the list of archival training.Lying in bed, she thought of him without wanting to hurt him at all.He had had enough experience of strangers probing his own hurts without wanting to pry into those of others.Without wanting to, Rose was drawn to watch.Without wishing to scare you unduly, you should be aware that sharks do lurk out there.Without wishing to tempt providence in any way, we appear to have got away lighting in so far as Winter is concerned.
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