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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwittywit‧ty /ˈwɪti/ ●○○ adjective  FUNNYusing words in a clever and amusing way witty remarks Laura’s very witty.see thesaurus at funnywittily adverbwittiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
wittySam is intelligent, witty, and great fun to be with.His collection was warm and witty and, to my layman's eye, wonderful.Raymond was witty and unusual and from time to time he was invited to drink coffee at the artists' cafés.Both depictions, as laconic and witty as Degas can be, show Cassatt engaged in passive and typically feminine pastimes.He was charming and witty, but, although Caroline was polite, she offered no encouragement.Seibel has exclusive rights to play the late, witty illustrator, and comes to Tucson as part of a national tour.He is outspoken, witty, occasionally vulgar, and when he smiles his whole face lights up.I enjoyed the play - it had a clever plot and a very witty script.a witty speakerAlmodovar's dialogue is witty, the plot effortlessly intricate, and the boys wonderfully wicked.Sammler, especially when greatly irritated or provoked when he felt galled, said witty things.
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