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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwizenedwiz‧ened /ˈwɪzənd/ adjective  OLD/NOT YOUNGa wizened person, fruit etc is small and thin and has skin with a lot of lines and wrinkles
Examples from the Corpus
wizenedHis face was remarkable: gaunt, wizened and pale, the skin pulled taut across the prominent bones.In the centre was a small wizened bulb like a tiny onion.The wizened doctor slowly pressed three fingers against the artery in my wrist.He had a bony wizened face and an unhealthy pallor.He barely recognized her wizened face and haggard features.The fellow's yellow, wizened face broke into a sharp-toothed smile.The old man's wizened face lost its folds and wrinkles, the eyes firmed, clear blue in their trance-like stare.a wizened faceAt the advanced age of 71, Charles Bronson's wizened features are returning to the big screen.As he screamed, the fleshless man climbed on to his chest and crouched there, the wizened head darting to his throat.The voice that came out of the wizened little mouth was loud and quite threatening.The door was opened by a wizened old man clutching a walking stick.
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