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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwobblywob‧bly1 /ˈwɒbli $ ˈwɑː-/ adjective  1 BALANCEmoving unsteadily from side to side a wobbly table2 informalWEAK if you or your legs feel wobbly, you feel weak and unable to keep your balance syn shaky3 QUIETSHAKEa wobbly voice is weak and shakes, especially because you feel frightened or upset syn shaky4 not very good or not likely to be successful syn shaky The meeting yesterday got off to a wobbly start.
Examples from the Corpus
wobblyAs I stood up, I began to feel a little wobbly.The front wheels on the car seem wobbly.All that they did was make the room slightly wobbly.His stroke was wobbly and the ball was headed straight for the left lip.At Dance Energy, wobbly audience figures have prompted a remix.Miguel got up, all wobbly because of the rum.The plot may be a bit wobbly, but no more than O'Donnell's acting.a wobbly chairMy inappropriate clothes, my rumpled yen, even the wobbly fusuma all seemed to signal how out of place I was.Don't sit on that chair -- it's got a wobbly leg.She still felt a bit wobbly on her legs and she knew too that she could do with a holiday.The railing is wobbly, the space is so small that it is suitable only for one person.
wobblywobbly2 noun   throw a wobbly
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