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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwoefulwoe‧ful /ˈwəʊfəl $ ˈwoʊ-/ adjective  1 SERIOUS SITUATIONvery bad or serious syn deplorable a woeful lack of information2 literarySAD/UNHAPPY very sad syn pathetic woeful eyeswoefully adverb woefully inadequate facilities
Examples from the Corpus
woefulOxford tickets sold out, and a woeful 0-0 draw as well.Her 10-and 12-minute miles have disintegrated to this: a mile logged at a woeful 25 minutes.It is a woeful and complex story.a woeful cry of frustrationNarvaez came to a woeful end after finding no gold at a place called Apalachee, believed to be near Tallahassee.Given more time to contemplate the nature of his existence, Doug One suffers from a woeful identity crisis.I heard no more of the exchange but this one remark was quite enough to establish his woeful ignorance about the theatre.a woeful lack of imaginationThe woeful Redskins beat the Cowboys twice.the woeful state of the economy
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