Language: Old English
Origin: wifman, from wif ( WIFE) + man 'person'


Related topics: Youth
wom‧an S1 W1 plural women

female person

[countable] an adult female person:
I was talking to a woman I met on the flight.
married women
a popular women's magazine
When a woman is pregnant, the levels of hormones in her body change.
woman priest/doctor etc (=a priest etc who is a woman)
Ireland's first woman president
women artists

any woman

[singular] formal women in general:
A woman's work is never done (=used to say that women have a lot to do).

businesswoman/spokeswoman etc

BO a woman who has a particular kind of job:
Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher

another woman/the other woman

informal a woman that a man is having a sexual relationship with, even though he is married to someone else:
I'm sure he's got another woman.

be your own woman

to make your own decisions and be in charge of your own life, without depending on anyone else


[singular] spoken a word meaning a wife or girlfriend, which many women find offensive:
Did he bring his new woman with him?
kept woman

form of address

old-fashioned not polite a rude way of speaking to a woman when you are angry, annoyed etc


[countable]DH a female servant or person who does cleaning work for you in your house [↪ cleaner, daily help]
old woman

; ➔ make an honest woman (out) of somebody

at honest (8)

; ➔ be a woman of the world

at world1 (21)

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