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women's movement

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwomen's movementˈwomen’s ˌmovement noun   the women’s movement
Examples from the Corpus
women's movementBecause she can not find Soviet women marching for abortion on demand she concludes that there is no women's movement.The various Right-On movements, especially the women's movement, had grown enormously during the years of the Wilson-Callaghan government.This was too much even for men still undisturbed by the first stirrings of the women's movement.It took the women's movement to bring this important-and difficult-fact to the notice of the world.It took the women's movement to show how we had colluded in ignoring slights, insults and restraints.The women's movement at the turn of the century raised and won a wide range of radical demands for women.Over the years I have kept my distance from the white women's movement.
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