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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwomenfolkwom‧en‧folk /ˈwɪmɪnfəʊk $ -foʊk/ noun [plural] old-fashioned  WOMANall the women in a particular family or societymenfolk
Examples from the Corpus
womenfolkBut he had chosen to serve his womenfolk with constancy.Peasant settlers were short of womenfolk, as were the soldiers and hunters.Up on the scaffolding, the two rugged manly types whistled at the womenfolk.Some of the womenfolk had turned away, unable to look.Next day they were off again, leaving the wounded and rejected to make life a misery for their womenfolk.Why would peasants be more considerate of their womenfolk?A lot of ingenious men get around this problem by communicating to their womenfolk via their T-shirts.Their womenfolk were dressed in tanned skins with beads woven into their hair.
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