1 verb
won‧der1 S1 W2 [intransitive and transitive]
1 to think about something that you are not sure about and try to guess what is true, what will happen etc
wonder who/what/how etc
I wonder how James is getting on.
What are they going to do now, I wonder?
wonder if/whether
I wonder if I'll recognize Philip after all these years.
He's been leaving work early a lot - it makes you wonder, doesn't it?

I wonder if/whether

spoken used to ask politely for something [= may I]:
I wonder if I might have a drink?

I was wondering if/whether

a) spoken used to politely ask someone to help you:
I was wondering if I could borrow your car?
b) used to ask someone politely if they would like to do something:
I was wondering if you'd like to come to dinner.
4 to feel surprised and unable to believe something
wonder about/at
Sometimes I wonder about his behaviour.
wonder how
I wonder how he dares to show his face!
I don't wonder British English (=I am not surprised)
I don't wonder you're tired.
I shouldn't wonder British English (=I would not be surprised about something)
He'll come back soon enough, I shouldn't wonder.
5 to doubt or question whether something is true:
'Is she serious?' 'I wonder.'
wonder if/whether
Sometimes I wonder if he's got any sense at all!

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