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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwonderinglywon‧der‧ing‧ly /ˈwʌndərɪŋli/ adverb  ADMIREin a way that shows admiration, surprise, and pleasure
Examples from the Corpus
wonderinglyShe stared at him wonderingly.She looks at me, wonderingly.You look at it, wonderingly.Soo stared at him wonderingly, as if he had just struck her.Ewan would stand and gaze wonderingly at the naked boy forming before his eyes.I stared wonderingly at the small, wax candle which I had thrown on to the floor of my chamber.She touched her cheek wonderingly, cupping her hand over the kiss.That they remain so wonderingly wide-eyed in a business sold on cynicism is nothing less than miraculous.He touched them wonderingly, without fear, speculating on what it was that was different.
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