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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwontwont1 /wəʊnt $ wɒːnt/ noun old-fashioned   as is somebody’s wont
Examples from the Corpus
wontOrganic causes were ruled out so, as is his wont, he sat down and talked to her.Desmond Seymour-Strachey sat, accepting the bustle, as was his wont.His horrible wont was to envelop his victim with his wings and suffocate him to death.
wontwont2 adjective formal   be wont to do something
Examples from the Corpus
wontThe theist thereby comes to justify as a paradox what the atheist is wont to dismiss as a confusion.It could be catastrophic if he started giving himself airs, as tenors are wont to do.Be still, my beating heart, as T. Wogan was wont to say.Ickes is wont to yawn in mid-conversation.
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