Language: Old English
Origin: wudu


Related topics: Nature, Golf, Industry
wood S2 W2
1 [uncountable and countable]TI the material that trees are made of [↪ wooden, woody]:
Put some more wood on the fire.
a polished wood floor
soft/hard wood
Pine is a soft wood.
Her house was made of wood.
2 [countable] also the woodsDN a small forest:
a walk in the woods

touch wood

British English knock on wood American English said just after you have said that things are going well for you, when you want your good luck to continue
4 [countable]DSG one of a set of four golf clubs with wooden heads

not be out of the wood(s) yet

informal used to say that there are likely to be more difficulties before things improve

not see the wood for the trees

to not notice what is important about something because you give too much of your attention to small details
dead woodWORD FOCUS: tree WORD FOCUS: tree
parts of a tree: trunk, branch, leaf, blossom, roots, bark, twig

a large area of trees: forest, rainforest, jungle

a small area of trees: wood/woods, thicket British English, copse British English

types of tree: evergreen, deciduous, conifer, fruit tree, hardwood tree

wood from trees: timber, lumber, firewood

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