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woodedwood‧ed /ˈwʊdɪd/ adjective  DNhaving woods or covered with trees the wooded hills of northern Virginiathickly/heavily/densely etc wooded a thickly wooded area
Examples from the Corpus
woodedThe Marine Commandos were well dug in in a wooded area just off the road and close to the village.Nevertheless, some wooded areas were more intensively settled and used as time went on.Bits of burning paper had already fallen to the wooded floor.Artists and poets have never tired of its historic buildings and artisan shops, richly wooded hills and lovely views.densely wooded hillsResidents fled on foot through the wooded hills.Built in quality stone and timber, the lodges have a country elegance which blends perfectly with the richly wooded hillside.The same principle can be used to make a moisture meter from wooded strips.Most of northern Calabria is mountainous and thickly wooded with pine, silver fir and maple.thickly/heavily/densely etc woodedOf all the nearby hills, its pinnacle was closest to their mountain, and it was the most thickly wooded.And the environment in which it is situated - a heavily wooded area.We drove on through the village and turned into a clearing surrounded by a thickly wooded area.It is a heavily wooded county.The Diamond Mineral Baths were reached through flower-scented botanical gardens, in a densely wooded gorge.The spacious stone house had originally been one of three sharing the same hilly and thickly wooded parcel of land.The slopes and peaks were so heavily wooded with dark pines that from a distance the mountains actually looked black.Most of northern Calabria is mountainous and thickly wooded with pine, silver fir and maple.
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