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woollywool‧ly1 British English, wooly American English /ˈwʊli/ adjective  1 DCCmade of or feeling like wool a woolly hat2 LOGICALnot showing clear thinking syn vague He gave a rather woolly argument.woolliness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
woollyWoolly alder aphids are so named because they produce clumps of woolly wax from their bodies.The same road then continues down to the woolly bottomlands, thick with willow, along the San Pedro River.He had gray, woolly hair.It's a woman I think - a young black woman with a woolly hat on.Reduce global warming by wearing a woolly hat.A choir of families, wrapped in woolly hats, overcoats and scarves, were singing carols by a crib.In contrast, the Mac team was off in the ozone, designing a computer that fit their own woolly sensibilities.
Related topics: Clothes
woollywool‧ly2 noun (plural woollies) [countable]  British English informalDCC a sweater or similar piece of knitted clothing You’ll need your winter woollies!
Examples from the Corpus
woollyShe was often a kind of walking heap of assorted woollies.He would see her in the old holey woollies she wore to bed, rather than an old-fashioned nightshirt.I saved on the knitted things by making all his little woollies myself and I was given six baby vests.I was very glad of my thermal vest, three layers of woollies, and waterproof and windproof outer garments.Quiet clothes are a must: no rustly nylons, and lots of woollies.She had a variety of cardigans and other woollies.Either that or she'd got two woollies on.Whatever you're up to during the snowy season, a wonderful warm woolly makes the perfect winter wear.
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