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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwoozywoo‧zy /ˈwuːzi/ adjective informal  BALANCEfeeling weak and unsteady syn dizzy Giving blood makes me feel really woozy.
Examples from the Corpus
woozyWhen I stood up, I felt a little woozy.She was unused to booze, the bloody Marys; still a little woozy.The woozy aftermath of surgery can feel equally surreal.The bad news: A concussion that left Young woozy and knocked him out of the game.The town was getting a woozy, criminal feeling that rather matched his own.Jody, on the sidelines, felt a little woozy herself.Giving blood makes her go all woozy, it seems.Firebug gave him the address as he rushed out of the apartment and down the stairs on woozy legs.
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