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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwordedword‧ed /ˈwɜːdɪd $ ˈwɜːr-/ adjective   carefully/clearly/strongly etc worded
Examples from the Corpus
wordedThat is not clear from the way that the Bill is worded.It also has a beautifully worded copper plaque.Some areas of policy may be the subject only of unspecific recommendations, perhaps setting out a range of loosely worded options.You only need more patience to unravel a complexly worded question, not necessarily more ability.Similarly worded questions over time have to take account of changes in the topics under question.Joseph Pease, the board's president, approved a tactfully worded reply to the Dronfield parents.On the eve of the talks, the two sides had exchanged strongly worded statements on the issue.
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