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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwordlessword‧less /ˈwɜːdləs $ ˈwɜːrd-/ adjective  SAYwithout using words syn silent a wordless prayer She threw her arms around him in wordless grief.wordlessly adverb She nodded wordlessly.
Examples from the Corpus
wordlessThey stood there in wordless amazement.His drawings are powerful and disturbing in this wordless coffee-table-size book.She wasn't sure when the wordless comfort changed, or even if it did.At the door, she embraced him in wordless grief.Wind stirred with a wordless hushing in the Forest of Andernesse.Nothing was private; there was only wordless shame for what I had become.Again and again and again, the wordless timid sounds of anguish continued.We are swimmers in slow motion, we glide together through clear and wordless waves, strokes of pure genius.
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