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work/effort etc involved in doing something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwork/effort etc involved in doing somethingwork/effort etc involved in doing somethingINCLUDEthe amount of work, effort etc that is needed in order to make something succeed Most people don’t realize the amount of effort involved in writing a novel. involved
Examples from the Corpus
work/effort etc involved in doing somethingA further disadvantage is the work involved in returning the manure to the field.It is also often used to pay for the preliminary work involved in making applications for civil and criminal legal aid.She would like to know their reaction to the work involved in taking the course. 14.The chief drawback to small-scale silage-making is the extra physical work involved in handling the green crop with its high water content.The effort involved in constructing such circles was enormous.The work involved in writing this summation must have been back-breaking, and certainly took years of research.We have to do the more general piece of work involved in clearing one more bias from our morality.
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