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work it/things

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwork it/thingswork it/thingsspokenARRANGE A MEETING, EVENT ETC to make arrangements for something to happen, especially by behaving in a clever or skilful way We should try and work it so that we can all go together. work
Examples from the Corpus
work it/thingsHe had worked it all out, everything.For the purpose of this work it has two meanings, one musical and one socioeconomic.In the light of revisionist work it is difficult to treat Nicholas's resistance to liberal reform as a matter of chance or historical accident.Don't try and work it out any more.Every work it says here is true.In terms of work it was a real way out for Hereward from his appalling home background.Hard work it was, but good, clean fun.But no one should underestimate the amount of hard work it would take.
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