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work/munch/smoke etc your way through something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwork/munch/smoke etc your way through somethingwork/munch/smoke etc your way through somethingto deal with, eat, smoke etc a large amount of things He worked his way through the pile of documents. She had munched her way through a packet of biscuits. way
Examples from the Corpus
work/munch/smoke etc your way through somethingHe had even tried starting at page 1 and working his way through to the end.Tom, like most of the others, will need lots of reinforcement as he works his way through the change.He worked his way through a bag of sandwiches and four cans of Pepsi.He worked his way through college, performing menial tasks in exchange for reduced tuition.He's probably smoking his way through your deposit.You could sense the passage of time working its way through the foundation.We are attempting to work our way through all these questions.Environmentalists have warned that dioxins accumulate in fat and milk and will work their way through the food chain.
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