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work/perform miracles

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwork/perform miracleswork/perform miraclesEFFECTIVEto have a very good effect or achieve a very good result Maybe you should try yoga – it worked miracles for me. miracle
Examples from the Corpus
work/perform miraclesEven if animosity worked miracles in bringing about good grades, would it be worth it?If he can work miracles in me, you have no problem.We're relying on Foster performing miracles out on the football field today.Cloughie has performed miracles with limited resources at his disposal.People actually believe he performs miracles.Why should anyone mind a person working miracles?Whereas for me she works miracles.And she has already been known, you tell me, to work miracles.A hired hand who worked miracles and shared what little he had with those few who were less fortunate.
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