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work/play etc your butt off

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwork/play etc your butt offwork/play etc your butt offAmerican English spoken to work, play etc very hard I worked my butt off in college. butt
Examples from the Corpus
work/play etc your butt offMeanwhile, Inspiral Carpets went in at grass roots level and worked their butts off in the clubs.I had to give the ball up, and then I had work my butt off to get it back.You could have worked your butt off helping a rep and you finally got the rep doing everything right.He took a beating today but he played his butt off.In short, I worked my butt off.I work my butt off for you, while that restaurant is doing worse and worse.I worked my butt off in basketball and stayed on the varsity-in fact, did well.
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