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work to rule

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwork to rulework to ruleBritish EnglishBEL to protest about a situation at work by doing your job slowly, with the excuse that you must obey all the rules exactly work
Examples from the Corpus
work to ruleVideo-Tape, no voice over ARNCOTT/Oxfordshire Prison officers at Bullingdon prison near Bicester began their work to rule last night.Plants work to rules rather different from those of animals.
Related topics: Labour relations, unions
work-to-ruleˌwork-to-ˈrule noun [singular]  BELa situation in which people in a particular job refuse to do any additional work as a proteststrike work to rule at work1(32)
Examples from the Corpus
work-to-ruleSome students had to do an extra year because of the staff work-to-rule.Because of their work-to-rule, teachers were no longer taking after-school clubs or supervising lunch hours.
From Longman Business Dictionarywork-to-ruleˌwork-to-ˈrule British English, work-to-contract American English noun [singular]HUMAN RESOURCES an occasion when people protest about a situation at work by doing their job less quickly or effectively, but without breaking their employer’s rules or the terms of their contractThe work-to-rule exposed the chronic staffing problems in the emergency services. see also work to rule under work1
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