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work/weave your magic

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwork/weave your magicwork/weave your magicif something or someone works or weaves their magic, they produce a good change or effect in a way that they are often able to do The warm weather and the beautiful scenery began to work their magic and she started to relax. magic
Examples from the Corpus
work/weave your magicBiemiller referred the congressman to this doctor, who again worked his magic.Across the country, says Fitness magazine, enterprising and agile therapists are working their magic on patients while running alongside them.Two others have medical problems that have to be corrected before he can work his magic.He said his name was Christmas and he had worked his magic act in theatres and royal palaces all over the world.But now the two men have changed places, and the boat has worked its magic.Morley weaves its magic only by using a hedge fund to protect the assets of shareholders.Paris works its magic on me.Charles was one such, and he invited her to Highgrove to work her magic.
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