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workbenchwork‧bench /ˈwɜːkbentʃ $ ˈwɜːrk-/ noun [countable]  workbench.jpg TICTZa strong table used for working on with tools
Examples from the Corpus
workbenchThere was a workbench along the wall and parts all over the place.It is far better than any workbench or some dumb old tree.Example: The birth of a robot A new robot is screwed down on to its workbench.I never had my own workbench, although I would often sit beside my father as he worked at his.You can also use a portable workbench as a vice to hold larger items.I loved the metallic smell of solder as it dripped in small puddles, hardening on the workbench before me.They clattered on as far as the door; under workbenches, into cracks, finding every obscure corner.
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