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workbookwork‧book /ˈwɜːkbʊk $ ˈwɜːrk-/ noun [countable]  SEa school book containing questions and exercises
Examples from the Corpus
workbookStudents' Book develops situations in the running of a small company; workbook introduces additional practice.In real life, neither proceeds in the linear, additive fashion envisioned in workbooks.A new formative assessment for third year students has been introduced this year - namely, an integrated workbook assignment.Some teachers expect incoming kindergarten children to be able to sit for long periods of time concentrating on workbooks or worksheets.Each 30-minute video is accompanied by a 22-page personal workbook.At 7: 30, he distributes a phonetic workbook.An extension of the self-paced tour with exercises is the workbook, which consists of a combination of text and appropriate exercises.In Rio schoolkids adorn their workbooks with pictures of Michael Jackson.
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