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workdaywork‧day /ˈwɜːkdeɪ $ ˈwɜːrk-/ noun [countable] American English  1 BEthe amount of time that you spend working in a day syn working day a 10-hour workday2 a day of the week when most people work syn working day He commutes three hours on workdays. workday traffic
Examples from the Corpus
workdayIt is another workday for most of the city, but down at City Hall, it will be something special.It'll take four workdays to process the application.a 10-hour workdayEvenings and Sundays were as hyperthyroid as the long workdays.But she was advertising from the piano bench and specializing in private sessions to augment her income after her musical workday.The number of workdays lost and of workers involved rose steeply from 1912.Although he commutes up to three hours on workdays, he does so by choice.The following day is filled with fatigue and irritability, and just making it through the workday is a major feat.They tell stories about work and express their feelings about their workday.
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