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working day

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishworking dayworking daya day of the week when most people work. In Britain and the US this is usually Monday to Friday syn workday It will be returned within three working days (=three days, not including weekends or public holidays). working
Examples from the Corpus
working daySince the scheme was introduced, only motorists with special passes are allowed to use Ipswich Street during the working day.They proceed not to turn up on Monday, the next working day.In many areas the Hearing is held on the first working day after the removal of the child.This downward trend was so significant during this period that the average working day fell by around 1 hour.As if to signal that the working day was about to begin, the telephone rang.A massive 3,324, working days were lost because of depressive illnesses between and in Northern Ireland alone.Additional reports e.g. showing approved entries and responsible lexicographer, will be produced within one working day when required.
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