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working definition/theory/title

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishworking definition/theory/titleworking definition/theory/titleUSE somethinga definition, idea etc that may not be exactly right but is good enough to use when you start working on something working
Examples from the Corpus
working definition/theory/titleDespite the difficulties, the teacher needs a rough working definition.Like I say, it's just a working title.The Household of Faith was Brideshead's working title.A useful working definition has been provided by the Department of Trade and Industry in Britain.A pragmatist judge will find room in his working theory of as if legal rights for some doctrine of precedent.Is that a reasonable working definition of Paradise?As a working theory this is impregnable, whether considered sceptically or superstitiously.We can, however, offer a very general working definition, which seems to feature in most discussions.
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