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working families tax credit

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working families tax creditworking families tax credit (also working tax credit) noun [uncountable]  PEWmoney given by the government in Britain to parents who do not earn much money
Examples from the Corpus
working families tax creditAnother client may have a similar query concerning delay in receiving family credit.Any person in receipt of income support or family credit is exempt from payment.Anybody whose income is less than this will get full family credit.In September 1988 the situation worsened with the phasing out of free school meals for 500,000 children whose parents were in receipt of family credit.That totals £59.40, but £14.14 is deducted, leaving her total family credit at £45.26 a week.Their total income each week - from a part-time job, family credit and child benefit - amounts to just over £150.These covered pensions, income support, housing benefits, a family credit system and the social funds.Women are also being hit by the changes in child benefit and family credit.
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