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working hours/day/week

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishworking hours/day/weekworking hours/day/weekWORK THAT somebody DOESthe time that people spend doing their job In a normal working day, I see around 6 or 7 clients.during/outside working hours Telephone at any time during normal working hours. Many mothers prefer flexible working hours. We do a 37-hour working week. working
Examples from the Corpus
working hours/day/weekApparently, too, Rosie enjoyed herself after working hours.Remember, your spouse may not be used to having you home during working hours.They took long lunches and went to barbershops, beauty parlors, bathhouses, and tearooms during working hours.Items must be posted at post office counters in advance of latest recommended posting times for next working day delivery.They had only three working days in which to prepare the defence against the new charge.At the end of the working day most of us retreat to families and/or partners and play other parts.These, as we now know, involve everything from environmental considerations to limits on the working hours of employees.The whole operation was based on 50 journeys or rounds, one for each vehicle on every working day of the week.
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