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working life

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishworking lifeworking lifethe part of your adult life when you have a paid job He spent all his working life in a factory. working
Examples from the Corpus
working lifeBut all teachers are concerned about their own level of stress, and how to lead a satisfying working life.Objectives for Care outlines practical applications for nurses to use in their everyday working lives.The noise, the abuse, the grimness are everyday parts of their working life.They could anticipate earning a decent, middle-class wage there for most of their working lives.What do I want out of my working life?Both procedures reflect current government policy concerns with increasing vocationalism and preparation for working life at the pre-16 stage.Your working life can go back as far as April 1936, but not further.Deborah Manley trained as a social worker but has spent most of her working life in publishing.
From Longman Business Dictionaryworking lifeˌworking ˈlife noun (plural working lives) [countable]HUMAN RESOURCES the part of your adult life when you workGeoff spent all his working life with the same company.
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