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working majority

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishworking majorityworking majorityBritish English enough support in parliament for a government to continue making laws and ruling a country working
Examples from the Corpus
working majorityNone gave the Tories a hope of being elected with a working majority.The debate was acrimonious, with opposition parties denouncing Shamir's deals with defectors from other parties to win his working majority.With the support of various independents, they gave the General a solid working majority.The working majority achieved by the Conservatives removed that worry.Since then, Labour has never won a secure working majority at any election.Without its support the coalition will not have a working majority in parliament.Together the four parties had 191 seats, a working majority of 11.However, a second election took place in September of that year, which gave him a pathetic working majority of four.
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