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working relationship

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishworking relationshipworking relationshipWORK/DO WORKthe way that people work togetherworking relationship with/between They want to establish a better working relationship between medical and nursing staff.good/close/effective etc working relationship We have a close working relationship with other voluntary groups. working
Examples from the Corpus
working relationshipThis strategic transition required many people throughout the company to change specific skills, behaviors, and working relationships.The assessment panels have contributed to a better working relationship between guidance staff and other members of staff.Are working relationships defined and public?Relationship building with fellow-workers Your most important working relationship is with your immediate superior.And yet the effective auditor needs to understand management and to have a close working relationship with the managers.Many observers expect Hutchison to endorse Dole because of her working relationship with the Senate majority leader.It is these processes which provide the principles for staff management and enhance the quality of working relationships within the organisation.
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