1 adjective
work‧ing1 S1 W1 [only before noun]
a) having a job that you are paid for [↪ employed]:
Many working women rely on relatives for childcare.
A smaller working population will have to support a growing number of retired people.
b) old-fashioned having a physical or practical job
working man/people/folk
the ordinary working man

working hours/day/week

the time that people spend doing their job:
In a normal working day, I see around 6 or 7 clients.
during/outside working hours
Telephone at any time during normal working hours.
Many mothers prefer flexible working hours.
We do a 37-hour working week.

working day

a day of the week when most people work. In Britain and the US this is usually Monday to Friday [= workday]:
It will be returned within three working days (=three days, not including weekends or public holidays).

working conditions/environment etc

BEC the situation in which you work, especially the physical things such as pay or safety:
improvements in working conditions

working practices/methods

the way in which you do your job:
training in up-to-date working practices

working life

the part of your adult life when you have a paid job:
He spent all his working life in a factory.

(in) working order

working properly and not broken
be in good/perfect/full etc working order
The car was old, but the engine was still in good working order.
the amount of exercise needed to keep your body in working order

working relationship

the way that people work together
working relationship with/between
They want to establish a better working relationship between medical and nursing staff.
good/close/effective etc working relationship
We have a close working relationship with other voluntary groups.

a working knowledge of something

enough knowledge of a system, subject, language etc to be able to use it or to do a particular job:
A good working knowledge of the Building Regulations is necessary for the job.

working clothes

also work clothes clothes which you wear for work or are designed for people to work in

working model

a model that has parts that move

working parts

the parts of a machine that move

working definition/theory/title

a definition, idea etc that may not be exactly right but is good enough to use when you start working on something

working majority

British English enough support in parliament for a government to continue making laws and ruling a country

working breakfast/lunch/dinner

BB a breakfast, lunch etc which is also a business meeting

working memory

technical the part of a person's or computer's memory which stores information about the thing being worked on now

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