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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishworkmatework‧mate /ˈwɜːkmeɪt $ ˈwɜːrk-/ noun [countable] British English  WORKERsomeone you work with syn colleague
Examples from the Corpus
workmateThe other man, said to be a workmate, is seriously ill.Kevin had come home really upset after a quarrel with a workmate.Having support of close friends, family and workmates can be really important, but you may have to consider negative reactions.Having the support of close family, friends and workmates is important to us all.I saw the hospital where Pat works which is beautifully made, and met some of her workmates from different countries.Emma Southworth went with two of her workmates to classes every evening after she finished at the mill.It is unnecessarily unnerving to be waiting your turn while potential workmates eye you up and down.Others found that workmates pressured them to challenge management.
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