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workoutwork‧out /ˈwɜːkaʊt $ ˈwɜːrk-/ noun [countable]  DSEXERCISEa period of physical exercise, especially as training for a sport a daily workout in the gym work out at work1
Examples from the Corpus
workoutAfter a workout, he has a carbohydrate replacement drink, a diet fuel bar and 12 more supplements.The video cover says it includes two 40-minute fitness workouts plus an extra 10-minute jump-start mini workout.I always feel better after a good workout.Unless it would be for wealthy men interested in acquiring as trophy wives lapsed radicals who look great in workout gear.What it fails to say is that it is a high intensity workout which does not suit all fitness levels.Basically, 40 minutes per workout -- Mondays and Thursdays, chest and triceps.Right fielder Raul Mondesi was the only absentee on Tuesday, when the Dodgers held their first full-squad workout.Do you workout or is it all artificial?Start your workout with some gentle stretching exercises.
From Longman Business Dictionaryworkoutwork‧out /ˈwɜːkaʊtˈwɜːrk-/ noun [countable] FINANCE a way for a borrower in financial difficulty to repay loans, debts etcThe bank’s lending services department develops workouts for business customers when they get into trouble or go bankrupt.a workout specialist
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