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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishworkplacework‧place /ˈwɜːkpleɪs $ ˈwɜːrk-/ ●●○ noun [countable]  the room, building etc where you workin the workplace a report into discrimination in the workplace
Examples from the Corpus
workplaceIts main weapon was criticism, organized daily through compulsory debates in every workplace.Using a broadly anthropological approach to work, discourses generated within and beyond the workplace are examined.Adult coaches and mentors from the workplace also provide an important source of support, information, and guidance for students.And such fathers are more likely to support the opportunity for their wives to succeed in the workplace.How do you keep your personal problems out of the workplace?But what makes our lives meaningful lies largely outside the workplace, where we forage for a less mechanistic humanity.Studying history at university extends the range and depth of skills relevant to the workplace without closing doors.The workplace is the same in some ways, very different in others.The joint report shows that 49 percent of nurses in Northern Ireland say there are empty posts in their workplaces.in the workplaceOnce merely a nice thing to have on a resume, computer literacy is now essential for virtually anyone in the workplace.Now safety experts are targetting hundreds of companies to prevent accidents and deaths in the workplace.This happened first in the workplace.Both companies have impressive tract records in handling AIDS-related issues in the workplace.This booklet gives you guidance on how to deal with the problem in the workplace.That does not mean that every student will spend the last two years of high school in the workplace.Others have put students in the workplace with little or no connection back to the classroom.Such experiences often go unrecognised in the workplace.
From Longman Business Dictionaryworkplacework‧place /ˈwɜːkpleɪsˈwɜːrk-/ noun [countable usually singular]HUMAN RESOURCES the room or building where you workGood design involves adapting the workplace environment to the needs of workers, rather than trying to make workers adjust to the workplace.
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