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worldly goods/possessions

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishworldly goods/possessionsworldly goods/possessionsliteraryOWN everything you own worldly
Examples from the Corpus
worldly goods/possessionsA great number of emigres arrived daily from the mainland, left homeless and often destitute of all worldly possessions.But he bought no worldly goods.We generally promise each other all our worldly goods.Returned that same evening to Brigade Headquarters to collect my rucksack containing all my worldly possessions and, of course, the bagpipes.They tear our houses down, burn up our worldly possessions, and sometimes even kill us.He loses all his worldly goods because a law suit is not decided in his favor.My worldly goods, my total possessions.Why, of course you must leave all your worldly goods to him.
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