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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwornworn1 /wɔːn $ wɔːrn/ verb  x-refthe past participle of wear1wornworn2 ●○○ adjective  1 CONDITION/STATE OF somethinga worn object is old and damaged, especially because it has been used a lot a worn patch on the carpet well worn stone steps2 TIREDsomeone who looks worn seems tired
Examples from the Corpus
wornThe brake pads are very worn.Lying on the hospital bed, Pete looked worn and fragile.We used to cut up worn blankets to make sleeping bags for the children.A worn braid feels rough and is best cut away and the line joined by a blood knot.The cement floor was covered by a worn brown linoleum.The worn crazy paving provides a soft and very unobtrusive backdrop.Paula handed me several worn dollar bills.There was a worn Persian rug on the parquet floor.He thought he could hear footsteps now, nailed boots scuffing on worn stone.A second woman was folding worn sweaters and putting them away in a scratched wardrobe.
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