wor‧ried S2 W3
1 unhappy because you keep thinking about a problem, or about something bad that might happen:
You look worried. What's the matter?
worried about
I'm really worried about my brother.
worried by
Local people are worried by the rise in crime.
worried (that)
I was worried we wouldn't have enough money.
Don't look so worried - we'll find him.
By this time, I was really getting worried.
Where have you been? I was worried sick (=extremely worried)!

you had me worried

spoken used to say that someone made you feel anxious because you did not properly understand what they said, or did not realize that it was a joke:
You had me worried there for a minute!
worriedly adverb
WORD FOCUS: worried WORD FOCUS: worried
similar words: anxious, concerned, apprehensive, uneasy, bothered, preoccupied, stressed (out)

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