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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishworrisomewor‧ri‧some /ˈwʌrisəm $ ˈwɜːri-/ adjective formal  WORRIEDmaking you anxious a worrisome problem
Examples from the Corpus
worrisomeThe political situation in the region is particularly worrisome.Military analysts say the manning problems are worrisome, and if left uncorrected, may signal readiness problems.The travelling burglars are worrisome because they are hard to catch.The most worrisome cross-border export, however, is drugs.But now we have completed the first of a series of ethical tests and a worrisome cycle downward toward retribution is evident.But one worrisome development for insiders is the appearance of internal divisions.Today there is a worrisome surplus of 1 million empty apartments in the East, particularly in the cities.Particularly worrisome were the fruit drinks, which projected a wholesome image while containing sugar in some form or another.
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