Language: Old English
Origin: wiersa, wyrsa


1 adjective
1 [the comparative of bad] more unpleasant, bad, or severe [↪ better]
worse than
The violence was worse than we expected.
The traffic is much worse after five o'clock.
The weather was a lot worse this year.
Conditions will get worse as the winter continues.
High inflation will make unemployment worse.
Don't say anything, you'll only make matters worse.
The bullying got worse and worse until finally he had to leave the school.
There's nothing worse than being robbed while you're on holiday.
The school's not perfect, but I suppose it could be worse.
2 more ill than before:
If she's worse in the morning, I'll call the doctor.
I was worried because he seemed to be getting worse rather than better.
The tablets seemed to make him worse.

be none the worse for something

to not have been harmed by something:
She seemed none the worse for her night out in the cold.

worse luck

spoken used to say that you are disappointed or annoyed by something:
I've got one more year of college, worse luck!

somebody could do worse than do something

spoken used to say that you think that someone should do something:
He could do worse than marry Eleanor.

go from bad to worse

to continue getting worse:
Things went from bad to worse, and in the end she lost her job.

the worse for wear

also the worse for drink British English informal drunk

Worse is a comparative form The problem got worse and worse.!! Do not say 'more worse' or 'worser'.Worst is a superlative form the worst film (NOT worse film) I have ever seen!! Do not say 'most worst' or 'worstest'.

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