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worst of all

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishworst of allworst of allused to say what is the worst part of a situation She had no office of her own and, worst of all, she didn’t even have her own computer. worst
Examples from the Corpus
worst of allThe twelfth labor was the worst of all.To abuse hospitality was the most horrid thing; worst of all.Or, worst of all, exploding at work?Mike's so boring, and worst of all he never stops talking.And worst of all, the Hare got rid Of far more than the Tortoise did.And worst of all, their services are no longer in demand.Perhaps worst of all, there are those stressful situations where one is accustomed to turn to tobacco for support.But worst of all were the comparisons being made between Monty Clift and Jekyll and Hyde.And, worst of all, you don't remember who you are.
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